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Basic release form for photography

Use this form as a template Image Release Form I, [Full Name of the Model/Subject], hereby give [Full Name of Photographer] permission to take photographs of me on [Date of Photography] for the purposes of social media, website, print, and stock photography. I understand that these photographs may be used for commercial purposes. I hereby […]

Who owns copyright when you take a photograph of someone in public when you are the photographer?

When you take a photograph of someone in public, you, as the photographer, generally own the copyright to the photograph. This is because copyright law gives the author of a photograph, which is the person who takes the photograph, the exclusive rights to reproduce, distribute, and display the photograph. However, there are some limitations on […]

Best lens for portrait photography

The best lens for portrait photography largely depends on personal preference, shooting style, and budget. However, in general, prime lenses with wide apertures are often preferred for their sharpness, depth of field control, and ability to produce pleasing bokeh. Here are a few lens options to consider for portrait photography: Ultimately, the best lens for […]