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Being Indigenous with a camera

As Indigenous Australians continue to assert their place in modern society, the opportunities for Indigenous photographers have grown, bringing with them many advantages. Here are some of the advantages of being an Australian Indigenous photographer in modern times: In conclusion, being an Indigenous photographer in modern times offers many advantages. From a unique perspective and […]

Some challenges starting out as an Indigenous photographer

Becoming a full-time photographer can be a challenging journey, particularly for Indigenous photographers, both male and female. Starting as a part-time photographer and transitioning to a full-time job requires persistence, patience, and hard work. This essay will explore the process of starting out as a part-time photographer and becoming a full-time photographer while navigating the […]

Working as a stringer photojournalist

As a stringer photojournalist, your role is to capture photographs of newsworthy events or subjects and sell them to news agencies or publications. Here is a general process for capturing photos for a news agency: Overall, being a successful stringer photojournalist requires a combination of skill, experience, and persistence in identifying and capturing newsworthy events […]


Here is a sample basic image release form for a person under age for photography that includes image use for social media, website, print and stock photography: IMAGE RELEASE FORM FOR MINORS I, [parent/guardian name], the parent or legal guardian of [minor name], hereby grant permission to [photographer name] to photograph [minor name] and use […]