Blaklens Members Jacinta, Tace, and Benjamin Excel in Netflix’s Unit Photography Bootcamp

Blaklens members Jacinta, Tace, and Benjamin recently made headlines by participating in Netflix’s exclusive Unit Photography Bootcamp. This intensive three-day course, designed for aspiring Unit Stills photographers, offered them a unique opportunity to enhance their skills, forge valuable connections, and gain invaluable insights into the demands of the on-set role. Spearheaded by industry veteran John Platt, this groundbreaking workshop combined theoretical instruction, practical experiences, and interactions with key Netflix department heads. Let’s delve deeper into Jacinta, Tace, and Benjamin’s journey through this immersive program, with a special mention to Sarah Morton, whose contributions behind the scenes were invaluable.

The Importance of Unit Stills in the Film Industry:

Unit Stills photography plays a crucial role in the marketing and publicity of films. These still images capture key moments from a production and are used for promotional materials, press releases, and online platforms. By showcasing the essence of a movie through carefully selected shots, Unit Stills photographers create intrigue and generate anticipation among audiences. The Netflix Unit Photography Bootcamp aimed to equip aspiring photographers with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in this specialized field.

Jacinta, Tace, and Benjamin’s Experience:

During the three-day bootcamp, Jacinta, Tace, and Benjamin were immersed in a rich learning environment, surrounded by industry professionals and experts. They had the opportunity to learn from John Platt, a highly respected veteran in the field of Unit Stills photography. Under his guidance, they delved into the intricacies of capturing compelling images that encapsulate the essence of a film.

In addition to theoretical instruction, the participants engaged in practical photography tasks that simulated real-world scenarios. These hands-on experiences allowed Jacinta, Tace, and Benjamin to apply their newly acquired knowledge and techniques, enhancing their understanding of the role’s challenges and responsibilities.

The workshop also included panel discussions and masterclass sessions led by long-term industry professionals. Jacinta, Tace, and Benjamin had the privilege of learning from these experts, who shared insights and experiences from their extensive careers. These sessions provided valuable perspectives on the inner workings of the film industry and offered a glimpse into the global production process.

Special Mention: Sarah Morton’s Contributions:

Behind the scenes, Sarah Morton played a vital role in the success of Jacinta, Tace, and Benjamin during the bootcamp. As a dedicated coordinator, she ensured the smooth running of the program, handling logistics, organizing panel discussions, and coordinating with key Netflix department heads. Sarah’s efforts contributed to creating a conducive environment for learning and networking, enabling the participants to maximize their experience.

Future Prospects and Heartbreak High Season 2:

One of the most exciting aspects of the bootcamp was the potential for an immersive, on-set experience during the production of Heartbreak High Season 2. Although contingent on production scheduling, this opportunity allowed participants to apply their skills and knowledge in a real production environment. If Jacinta, Tace, or Benjamin secure this chance, it will undoubtedly be a significant milestone in their budding careers, enabling them to gain practical insights and valuable industry connections.


Jacinta, Tace, and Benjamin’s participation in Netflix’s Unit Photography Bootcamp marked a significant step in their journey as Unit Stills photographers. The immersive three-day course, combined with practical experiences and interactions with industry professionals, helped them refine their skills and gain a deeper understanding of the role’s nuances. Additionally, Sarah Morton’s contributions behind the scenes ensured a seamless and enriching experience for all participants. As they move forward, the knowledge and connections they acquired through this bootcamp will undoubtedly propel Jacinta, Tace, and Benjamin toward promising opportunities in the film industry.